Matt Damon's kids ''loved'' his hair extensions.

The 46-year-old star spent 12 hours having lengthy locks added for his role in 'The Great Wall' and he found the process ''weird'', but his daughters Isabella, 10, Alexia, 17, Gia, eight, and six-year-old Stella - who he has with his wife Luciana Barroso - enjoyed his new look.

He said: '' I'd never done that before - 700 extensions [and] it took 12 hours.

''The tiny glue [extensions], which is weird. And then I lived with it for five months...The kids loved it. The kids were into it for like a week and then they kind forgot about it.

''I got good at doing the hair ties, just to get a ponytail up.''

But after five months of long hair, Matt couldn't wait to get rid of the ''rat's nest'' on his head.

He told E! News: ''I flew from China and went to do a day of extra filming on 'The Martian' and so I flew to Hungary, landed, went into the production office, and cut all that hair off, and left it on the floor on Hungary.

''It was a rat's nest...It was so gross. It was so nasty.''

While Matt can be seen shooting a bow and arrow in his new movie - in which he plays an English mercenary who finds himself battling monsters in ancient China - he admits all was not as it seemed and he is certainly not in a position to try his skills against Jennifer Lawrence, who used similar weaponry to great success in the 'Hunger Games' franchise.

He admitted: ''With a CGI arrow, I'm pretty damn good. But with an actual arrow, not so much.

''She's got a good grasp on that whole thing. I think she's got me beat.''