Matt Damon isn't bothered about turning 40.

The 'Bourne Identity' actor couldn't care less about reaching the landmark age in October because he has been told by his 'Invictus' co-star Morgan Freeman, 72, it's the best age to be.

Matt revealed: "I was talking to Morgan and someone said I was about to turn 40 and Morgan said, 'Are you about to turn 40?' I said I was and he said, 'You are just coming into your prime.' I said, 'Really?' And he replied, 'The 40s are the best decade by far. That's when things really get good.' "

As he gets ready to enter a new decade of his life, Matt - who has two children, Isabella, three, and 16-month-old Gia, with his wife Luciana Bozan, who also has an 11-year-old daughter Alexia from a previous relationship - is hoping to try his hand at directing.

He said: "I can't wait to direct. The only thing that is stopping me from directing is that I keep getting these great roles."

'Invictus' tells the story of how Nelson Mandela - played by Morgan - and South African rugby captain Francois Pienaar - portrayed by Matt - joined forces to lead the team to an unlikely 1995 World Cup victory over the All Blacks and unify the racially fragmented country following the end of apartheid.