The Oscar winner is reprising his role as super spy Jason Bourne for the fourth time, and while he is still unsure whether he'll be back for another instalment, Matt hopes another famous undercover agent, James Bond, will be played by one of his favourite actors, Idris.

When asked by Access Hollywood what he thinks of the Luther star taking over the reins from Daniel Craig, Matt not only approved of the casting, but was positive the whole Bond franchise would benefit from Idris in the title role.

"I like Idris," Matt said. "I think he's brilliant. I'll watch him in anything. He makes everything he's in better and he would make that franchise better. He's awesome."

And like Craig and the other actors who have played 007 before him, being known for such an iconic role is more of a privilege than a burden, something Matt believes of his Jason Bourne character, too.

"No matter what else I do, to do something four separate times in your career its gonna follow you around. But I don't mind being followed around by Jason Bourne."

And since talk of Idris taking over for Bond is merely wishful thinking from fans at this point, Matt has no interest putting his name in the ring, since he would much rather play Bourne over Bond any day.

"He (Bourne) is so much more relatable. Think about it. Bond is from the 1960s so has the values of that time,” Matt recently explained to Britain’s Esquire magazine. “He's a misogynist, he swills martinis and kills people and cracks jokes about it.

“But Bourne is modern. He’s an anti-establishment figure, he doesn’t trust institutions, he’s going against the system. He has one woman that he loved and when she’s gone he doesn’t pursue anything else.”