Matt Damon has become the latest movie star to buy a hybrid car after his family urged him to stop guzzling gas and turn environmental.

Damon has joined a growing list of celebrities, including LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and Tom Hanks, who have made greener car choices.

But Damon insists he's not trying to be part of an environmental trend among his peers - he just wanted to save money at the petrol pump.

He explains, "I just have one for my own personal reasons. I don't have a car in New York but I just got a place in Florida and we (himself and fiancee Luciana Barroso) got a car there and it's a hybrid.

"You don't need all that car. I don't need a Suburban (sports utility vehicle) to drive myself around. It seems to make common sense to me.

"My father drives one, my brother drives one. They're like, 'Why would you ever drive a regular car?' There's no reason to. These cars are just as good, they're just as fast and they use less gas, so I don't understand why everyone isn't driving one."