Matt Damon has threatened to make his own 'Bourne' movie.

The 40-year-old actor - who has played action hero Jason Bourne in the first three films in the franchise - was incensed not to be told about forthcoming instalment 'The Bourne Legacy' but admits he would reprise the role again if director Paul Greengrass would be involved.

He said: "I read online they are doing another Jason Bourne movie with Tony Gilroy directing that I'm not in.

"No one told me, literally nobody called me. People think I have inside information, but you can get a sense of where I am in the pecking order.

"I'd do it again with Paul. Universal doesn't actually own the Bourne character - the estate does - so technically I could go to Warner Bros... and Universal could read about it online."

Matt also admitted he is keen to move into directing films, but has not yet found the right project.

He added to Empire magazine: "I've been looking but you only get One Chance to make a first impression, so I've been particularly careful."