Matt Damon jumped at the chance to star in upcoming movie Elysium after learning Neill Blomkamp would be directing the epic.
The Bourne Identity star takes the lead in the futuristic sci-fi film and Damon admits he felt compelled to sign up for the role after being impressed by Blomkamp's previous big screen offering, District 9.
During an appearance at the Comic-Con event in San Diego, California on Friday (13Jul12), the actor revealed, "After I saw District 9, if Neill had called me out of the blue and said, 'This is Neill Blomkamp, will you be in my next movie?' I would have said yes."
Fans at the panel discussion were also treated to a seven-minute preview clip of the film, which is set for release next March (13).
Blomkamp told the audience, "There's an element of salesmanship about films that sometimes makes me feel a bit distant as a fan. But launching footage at Comic-Con is... actually a true, honest thing. There's no lies about it. It's just completely fans wanting cool footage, so I'm OK with it."