Hollywood star Matt Damon flared up at a reporter at an education rally in Washington DC this week, after his support for the 'Save our Schools March was questioned. The 'Bourne Identity' star was appearing at the event with his mother, who is a teacher, in the hope to gain more funding for schools and changes to curriculum.
In an exchange caught on camera by Tmz.com, one reporter suggested Hollywood actors work hard to succeed because they have little job security - inferring teachers should do the same. Clearly unimpressed, Damon rejected the comments outright, asking her, "You think job insecurity is what makes me work hard?" before adding, "I want to be an actor, it's not an incentive. That's the thing.A teacher wants to teach. I mean why else would you take a sh*tty salary and really long hours and do that job unless you really love to do it?" When one plucky cameraman asked "Aren't ten percent of teachers bad?", the actor fired back, "Well, OK. But maybe there are a sh*tty cameramen, I don't know".
Matt Damon recently completed filming Cameron Crowe's highly anticipated comedy-drama 'We Bought a Zoo', with Scarlett Joahnsson and Elle Fanning. Set in Southern California, the movie follows a father who moves his family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a zoo.