Matt Damon has emerged as the best value film star when film returns are compared to his salary per dollar.

The Forbes magazine survey suggests that the Bourne Ultimatum actor makes $29 (£14) for every $1 (50p) he is paid.

Meanwhile former Friends star Jennifer Aniston was among the best value female stars, making average returns of $17 (£8) per dollar in her movies.

Forbes calculated the averages by comparing how much the stars' movies make by how much they are paid, clearly demonstrating that well-paid stars can still generate large sums for their employers.

Damon's showing was heavily indebted to his role in the Bourne trilogy, which has grossed huge amounts of money but has been made for under $100 million for a number of the instalments.

Also included on the list was Brad Pitt, who was found to return about $24 (£12) per dollar, while comedy actor Vince Vaughn came in second place.

Angelina Jolie was just below Jennifer Aniston, with Renee Zellwegger and Reese Witherspoon also in the top ten.

Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp came joint third after his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Disney trilogy.

07/08/2007 13:48:22