Matt Damon was attacked by a zombie after begging director Steven Soderbergh and writer SCOTT BURNS to include a zombie scene in new movie Contagion.

"Every day, Matt would come to Steven and I and say, 'Why don't we put zombies in the movie?' So one day we did" said Burns speaking to the New York Post. The writer later added that they surprised the Hollywood star by dressing up an actor as a zombie and attacking him on set and now he has a video of the prank in a secret location, adding "it'll make its way on the Internet, I'm sure ... Someday, that little piece of film will come out." Contagion tells the story of a new and deadly disease that threatens to wipe out mankind, after premiering at the 68th Venice Film Festival earlier this month (September 2011) it has so far been well received by critics as well as taking an approximate $23.1 million dollars in it's opening weekend.

Damon was born in Massachusetts and shot to fame following the release of 1997 movie Good Will Hunting which he co-wrote with fellow Hollywood actor BEN AFLECK. He has since gone onto star in a series blockbuster movies including the Bourne trilogy and The Departed. The 40-year-old actor is also due to link up with director Soderbergh again in 2013 starring in Liberace, a biopic about the flamboyant pianist.