A long-running TV gag at the expense of actor Matt Damon has cost comedian-turned-chat show host Jimmy Kimmel over $8,000 (GBP4,000). Kimmel often ends his U.S. late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, by apologising to fictional guest Damon for running out of time a joke the comic admits is "for no good reason at all". Fun-loving Damon even played along with the joke when he did appear on the show last year (06), pretending to be annoyed with Kimmel for keeping him backstage during his shows. But now Kimmel has made amends by taking out a full-page ad in acting trade magazine Daily Variety congratulating the butt of his joke for his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which the actor unveiled on Wednesday (25Jul07). But even that is one big laugh - Kimmel writes, "Congratulations on the star and sorry we ran out of time. We'll try to squeeze you in soon." Kimmel closes the print ad by stating, "This ad cost me $8,512."