Actor Matt Damon is worried he has lost his title as the sexiest man alive - after piling on the pounds for his latest role in THE INFORMANT.
The Hollywood hunk garnered the flattering title after People magazine voted him the most attractive male in the world in 2007.
But the star, who currently looks unrecognisable compared to his former trim self, is sure he will be stripped of his title - because he has got so fat.
Damon piled on 40 pounds (18.14 kilograms) for the movie.
He tells, "I think I lost my (Sexiest Man Alive) title. It wasn't necessarily that I needed to be fat - it was that I needed to be 'doughy'."
And the star faces constant ribbing from his friends for expanding his waistline to enhance his performance.
Best friend Ben Affleck tells the website, "Some things are just self-evident and don't even require making fun of. I mean, the man buys two seats on an airplane!"