Matt Damon's model stepsister has become one of the hits of New York Fashion Week.
Sarah Bradford made her runway debut at the Alvin Valley show on 12 February (09) and now admits she hopes to use her model good luck and her Oscar-winning sibling to land a movie role.
She tells Life & Style magazine, "My mom married his father. Theres a total of five siblings, and we all grew up in Boston.
"We have such crazy schedules, so its difficult, but were extremely family-oriented and make a big effort to spend as much time together as possible."
And the 21-year-old stunner makes sure she pumps her stepbrother for movie tips every time they get together.
She adds, "When I did see him over the holidays, we could talk about recent films or scripts."
Bradford admits her ideal role would be in a film opposite her sibling.