Hollywood heart-throb Matt Damon has been a "caring" human being since the tender age of 10 - according to his mother NANCY CARLSSON-PAIGE.

LESLEY UNIVERSITY professor Carlsson-Paige was delighted when her famous son offered to screen his forthcoming film THE Bourne Supremacy early in Boston last night (07JUL04), to raise money for charity the INTERNATIONAL PHYSICIANS AGAINST NUCLEAR WAR.

Carlsson-Paige gushes, "Matthew started caring about social issues, the things that he saw as a child, at a really young age."

She recalled one of her birthdays, when Damon composed his own lyrics about a world without homelessness, to the John Lennon hit IMAGINE as a present for her.

Damon explains, "If you have a voice, you should use it. In my case, I'd rather speak out than shut up."

08/07/2004 17:25