Matt Damon is hoping to get a lot of sleep in before Christmas Day because the gift opening starts earlier and earlier at his brother's home in Boston, Massachusetts.

The GOOD WILL HUNTING star loves his uncle duties at Christmas, but it means a really early start.

He reveals, "My brother's got kids, so now it's kinda about them. They're six and four and so now they know what Christmas is.

"I sleep at my brother's house and the hour gets earlier and earlier each year. It can't start until Uncle Matty's out of bed. It's like 3.30am and they're like, 'Uncle Matty, Uncle Matty.'

"Fortunately, there's not a rule about being in a coma at 4am, so when you get out of bed all you have to do is be in the living room, just sitting there with coffee."

23/12/2003 09:07