Matt Damon is set to recreate Kevin Costner's The Untouchables character, ELLIOT NESS, in toymaker TODD McFARLANE's new comic book adaptation.

McFarlane wants THE BOURNE IDENTITY star to play the man who jailed mob boss AL CAPONE in new movie TORSO.

The producer tells "(Matt's) sort of young enough and he has that boyish charm that would work. I mean if you are sort of talking big, sort of well known guys, a guy like (LEONARDO) DiCAPRIO sort of fits that bill too - young enough, flamboyant enough.

"It's a young man's role. We need to bring that to people's attention how young this guy was."

The film is based on a relatively unknown story, which centres around Ness after he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to become the city's public safety officer, and human torsos began appearing around town with notes from a serial killer challenging the lawman to catch him.

Torso was optioned by McFarlane after a comic company he co-owns published the original graphic novel, which featured the story.