Matt Damon is urging Oscar voters to "get it right" and give director Martin Scorsese his first Academy Award or risk turning the big show into a farce. Damon, who worked with the legendary movie maker on his most successful film THE DEPARTED, feels it's high time Scorsese was honoured by the Academy and voters should overlook him again at their peril. The actor is so determined to help Scorsese pick up an Oscar he's campaigning for him over Robert De Niro, who directed Damon in new film THE GOOD SHEPHERD. He says, "Marty's such a great, great director. He really wants it (Oscar) and he hasn't made that a secret. He's been upfront about saying it would really mean a lot to him. "He never felt that Hollywood had validated his work because his work is centred around the east coast and New York and that somehow threatened the establishment or something. "But it demeans the Oscars more than it demeans Marty that he doesn't have one, to be honest with you. Once he receives his (Oscar), then everyone who has one, their award is validated."