Matt Damon poked fun at pal George Clooney during a tribute 'roast' to the movie star on Friday night (13OCT06) by shooting a video skit in which he attempted to refund upset Batman + ROBIN film fans. THE Bourne Supremacy star sent in a video which featured him trying to appease an angry mob outside a cinema in Africa, where he is shooting a new film. As the film fans demanded their money back after watching Clooney's Batman film flop, straight-faced Damon said, "You can try and give people their money back but with projects like that what they really want is their time." Meanwhile, another OCEAN'S THIRTEEN castmate, Don Cheadle, also mocked Clooney, stating, "No actor on the face of the earth is more childish, more juvenile, more downright infantile. Possibly that's why George doesn't have any children - he doesn't need the competition." Clooney got his own back by flashing embarrassing photos of his 'roasters' on a big screen behind him.