THE BOURNE SUPREMACY star Matt Damon is so impressed with his hypnotist's efforts in helping him kick his smoking habit, he's planning to release a set of DVDs for others who want to quit.

Last year (04), the Hollywood actor overcame his 16-year addiction after sitting through just three sessions of the mind-altering therapy in Los Angeles - and now he sees a potential market for the rest of the world.

He says, "It was the greatest decision I ever made in my life. I went and I saw (my hypnotist) this morning for like a tune-up. It just seemed like the prudent thing to do. I was in town and I just went to kind of check in with him and tell him, 'Hey, it's been over a year.'

"I actually wanna figure out a way to get this guy on a DVD that we could sell to people 'cause it works... He just talks very reasonably about what it was you were doing to your body. It's great. I'm happy that I did it."