Matt Damon has secret dreams to go where William Shatner boldly went before him - and bring CAPTAIN JAMES KIRK back to the big screen in the next Star Trek movie. The actor admits he hasn't been offered the part in Lost creator and MISSION: Impossible 3 director Jj Abrams' sci-fi blockbuster, but he's game to play a young Kirk. Shatner, who played Kirk in the original Star Trek TV series has said he believes the role is "uncastable" because no one could match his iconic performance, but he has reportedly had a change of heart - and has given Damon his blessing. And internet rumours suggest Abrams thinks the Good Will Hunting star would be perfect for the part. Now, Damon tells Sci-Fi Wire, "I heard that (rumour). I think JJ Abrams or somebody said that at a press junket or something, and it got picked up. If the script was good, I'd do it."