Hollywood actor Matt Damon insists he was worthy of being nominated for an Oscar for his role in THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY - and he believes others will agree in the next few years.

Damon won acclaim for his efforts in the 1999 movie, but was overlooked for an Academy Award while his co-star JUDE LAW scooped a nomination.

And Damon believes it's only a matter of time before people start realising that he deserved a nod for his performance.

He says, "I still think the only way to judge a movie is like 10 years down the road, away from all the marketing and the Oscar race and all that bulls**t. They always get it wrong.

"I don't know if (MARLON) BRANDO won the Oscar for A Streetcar Named Desire, but I don't think he did. And you're just like, 'Wait, well, who won it that year?' I think movies have two lives: the initial hype and then it's got the library value."