THE BOURNE SUPREMACY star Matt Damon decided to get some hands-on experience for his upcoming role as an undercover cop, by working with members of the Massachusetts police force for three days.

The actor recently signed up to star in Martin Scorsese movie THE DEPARTED alongside LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and Jack Nicholson, who will play an Irish gangster.

And Damon ventured out on the streets to get some pointers from the local police force's drug and gang units.

State police Sergeant DANIEL RISTEEN says, "We showed him frisk tactics and pat downs - and no, we didn't try them on him.

"He seemed like he had a pretty good working knowledge (already). Things weren't going over his head."

On his last night, Damon watched from an unmarked police vehicle as detectives arrested three suspects and recovered $1,000 (GBP526) in drug money and paraphernalia.

25/03/2005 03:03