Matt Damon tested his acting skills during a pre-Super Bowl TV skit about Green Bay Packers coach MIKE MCCARTHY on Sunday (06Feb11) - when he unleashed a foul-mouth attack on the sports hero.
ESPN sports reporter Kenny Mayne took a comic trip back to MCCarthy's home town in Greenfield, Pennsylvania, to poke fun at the coach's Pittsburgh-area roots - MCCarthy's Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the big game.
And, upon discovering one of his schoolmates was called Matt Damon, Mayne decided to have a little fun - with the more famous Damon.
Appearing bitter about the fact MCCarthy was now coach of the Packers, the Bourne Identity star raged, "I'm still p**sed MCCarthy got that athlete of the year title; I mean I beat him in the rope climb by, like, four seconds.
"I'm a huge f**king movie star and I make giant movies; he's stuck in football, like, coaching or whatever."