Matt Damon has addressed rumours regarding a mooted fourth film in the Jason Bourne franchise.

Industry paper Variety reported last month that Universal Pictures had contracted Damon and director Paul Greengrass to make a fourth movie about the amnesiac secret agent.

Author Robert Ludlum only wrote three books about the forgetful hitman and though Damon and Greengrass had both admitted they would revisit the character as long as the other was involved, it was believed The Bourne Ultimatum would be the final film in the series.

And in response to the Variety report, Damon has denied that any plans for a fourth film are set in stone.

Speaking to Empire magazine, after its annual awards ceremony, he said he and Greengrass had been "amused by the whole thing".

"I think it's one of these stories that has a life of its own," he explained.

"Not that we're against it, we're all for doing a fourth movie but it means coming up with a good story.

"There are a lot of things that would have to happen before we would sign up for it."

And when questioned regarding the rumoured fourth film, Greengrass remained cautious, adding: "The truth is that it's a very well loved franchise, but we're in the process of trying to work out what kind of film you could make."

"We love it, but none of us would want to go again unless we're sure there's a worthwhile film and that could take some time," he added.

"You don't want to do that when you feel like you've got to make it and none of us need to, so that's where we are."

11/03/2008 10:36:33