Matt Damon urges other celebrities to follow his lead and have relationships with non-famous partners - because his life is now perfect.

The actor is engaged to Luciana Barroso, who he met when she was working in a Miami wine bar.

He loves the fact his fiancee isn't a high profile star - because it means he lead a virtually-anonymous private life.

He says, "I'm with a normal girl and it's great. People don't know who she is, don't care that I'm with her and never follow us around. There's a lesson - if you like a low-profile life away from filming, then don't date another celebrity.

"This is what I've always wanted. I can do the acting, live my life, enjoy the attention and not be chased because I'm with someone well-known.

"I'm just happy to be with someone who's a civilian, not a celebrity."

Damon - who once dated actress MINNIE DRIVER - pities celebrity pals Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck who have high profile partners, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner

He adds, "They have a lot of difficulties. They're beautiful women, but their lives are never their own. They receive non-stop attention and are followed everywhere. I had a taste of it when I dated actresses."