Matt Damon decided to take matters into his own hands when word leaked out that he was planning to marry girlfriend LUCIANA BARROSO last year (05). The Bourne Identity star and Barroso decided to secretly marry to avoid a media feeding frenzy during the upcoming holidays and tied the knot on 9 December (05). He explains, "We got married actually at the City Hall in New York. There was this rumour that we were going to get married. "It was right before the holidays last year and we didn't want to have people hanging outside our house and stuff, so we just kind of nipped it in the bud and got it over with. "We had her daughter, my step-daughter there, and actually the mayor was there, MAYOR (MICHAEL) Bloomberg." He adds jokingly, "He works there. It was very nice of him to come in, it was a beautiful morning actually."