Oscar-winner Matt Damon was blown away by Angelina Jolie on the set of their new film THE GOOD SHEPHERD and insists her talent is more awe-inspiring than her beauty. The actor became close friends with Jolie's partner Brad Pitt, after the pair co-starred in Oceans Eleven and TWELVE, and Pitt was a regular visitor on the set. He explains, "She's just absolutely beautiful, but she's a terrific actress and that kind of overpowers her beauty, believe it or not, when you're right next to her. "(Pitt) came by a few times. You'd know they were there because we were shooting in an armoury in Brooklyn (New York). "On the days she worked, there were like 50 cameras and all these people. They have to deal with a lot of that stuff. "People are fascinated by her and by him. And them together - it's like the perfect storm."