BOURNE ULTIMATUM star Matt Damon gives the best return on his performances, according to a new survey.

The Hollywood actor came top of a list which calculated the amount of money made compared to the fee he receives, with Damon making $29 (£14.28) for every dollar he is paid.

Second on the list was eternally good-looking Fight Club actor Brad Pitt, while Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp tied with THE BREAK-UP actor Vince Vaughn in third.

In fifth was Vince's former lover and co-star, ex-FRIENDS actress Jennifer Aniston.

Surprisingly, big stars such as Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Will Smith did not feature in the top ten, making just $10 to $15 for each dollar they are paid.

The survey, run by Forbes magazine, also found that comedy actors such as Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey struggled to gain good returns.

However, it said this was because "US comedies don't translate as well as action flicks to foreign audiences".

07/08/2007 16:10:03