Matt Damon and Heath Ledger will always have fond memories of making The Brothers Grimm with Terry Gilliam, because they found themselves doing weird and wonderful things they never imagined.

Damon was called on to lick a toad and fight a forest inferno, while Ledger danced with a horse.

Both actors, who play the titular tale-telling siblings, admit there wasn't a dull moment on the set.

Damon explains, "We had all this kind of weird stuff; every day something new and bizarre would happen. When we wrapped for the day we would say, 'Wow I've never done that before.'

"I'd never licked a toad before; it tastes like chicken, and I've never been strapped to ladders in an actual burning forest with fire retardant all over us."

Ledger adds, "Dancing with a horse was weird too. The horse that I danced with died that night, after the dance, of natural causes."