Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson are among a list of celebrities donating their talents to an online effort to oust American President George W Bush.

Today (24AUG04), independent political group MOVEON.ORG premieres 10 new anti-Bush advertisements created by award-winning filmmakers including JOHN SAYLES, the writer-director of SUNSHINE STATE and EIGHT MEN OUT, and DOUG LIMAN, who directed SWINGERS and The Bourne Identity.

Sayles teams up with actor Martin Sheen for one ad, while Liman reunites with Damon for another MoveOn spot.

When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner uses Bush's own words to form the core of his 30-second commercial, which come from an April (04) news conference where Bush struggled to answer whether he'd made mistakes as president.

Some of the ads may never get airtime. While MoveOn spokeswoman LAURA DAWN says the group has committed to a "sizable" national cable buy for its first ad, the rest may simply remain on the internet as a motivator for MoveOn members.

Johansson lends her voice to an animated spot called WHO PROFITS?, which also features Kevin Bacon and Ed Asner.

24/08/2004 09:25