Screen hunks Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman gave American news veteran BARBARA WALTERS the ultimate thrill yesterday (12SEP04) when they put on a lapdance for her.

Walters, who is stepping down from her long-time role of anchor on news magazine show 20/20, attended Jackman's final performance of THE BOY FROM OZ on Broadway, and was stunned when she was pulled from the audience for a little onstage action.

She says, "I'm sitting there minding my own business. (During) the second act he comes in and says, 'I usually dance with someone, but today is my last day and there is a lady in the audience and she is celebrating her last days on 20/20.'

"I thought, 'He's gonna make me dance. I can't get up there.' He says, 'No, you gotta come.' So I go up on the stage.

"He says, 'Okay sit down,' and then he says, 'Matt Damon, are you here?' And Matt Damon (hides his face) and (Jackman beckons him). And I sat while Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman did a lapdance with me!"

An elated Walters adds of Jackman, "Whatever he's going to do (in the future), my fantasy was fantastic and he was fantastic!"

Jackman did 397 performances as the late Peter Allen in the musical, which was housed at New York City's Imperial Theatre.

13/09/2004 21:41