Matt Damon's new movie We Bought A Zoo was a very musical experience because he insisted director Cameron Crowe play Sigur Ros star Jonsi's soundtrack tunes on the set.
In the film, Damon plays real-life widower Benjamin Mee, who brought a dilapidated zoo back to life in honour of his late wife - and he found the Icelandic star's music, and other tunes Crowe played on the set, helpful for his character building.
Crowe tells WENN, "We played Jonsi's music a lot in the making of the movie, along with some Pearl Jam, too, and Neil Young. Matt Damon is a big fan of all this music, so we literally started playing music during one of his takes on the first day, and he said, 'Gotta keep it coming, man. Keep it coming.'
"So that’s how we made We Bought a Zoo. It's very much a music filled experience."
The film also stars Scarlett Johansson, Elle Fanning and Thomas Haden Church.