A play in which Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are portrayed by women is attracting celebrity audiences like Nicole Kidman, Steve Martin and SAM Rockwell.

MATT + BEN, starring 25-year-old BRENDA WITHERS as a super-smart Damon and 24-year-old Mindy Kaling as a dim party-loving interpretation of Affleck, has been playing to sold out shows at New York's PS 122 theatre since July (03).

The production is a twisted tale about how Damon and Affleck wrote the OSCAR-winning movie GOOD WILL HUNTING - with the screenplay literally falling from the ceiling into their laps.

And while the show, which runs until January (04), has attracted celebrities, college pals Withers and Kaling admit they're not too sure they want to see Damon or Affleck in the audience one night.

Kaling says, "It would be so super-weird if they came. If they do, I'll cower behind Brenda and hope I don't get cussed out!"

04/09/2003 09:24