Matt Damon's hit action thriller The Bourne Identity was the top renting American home video of 2003, according to year-end figures issued yesterday (08JAN04).

Combined revenues from DVD and VHS rentals of Bourne Identity, released on video last January (03), totalled nearly $79.2 million (GBP46.5 million) for the year, according to RENTRACK CORPORATION, which tracks point-of-retail data for the industry.

Close behind at number two for the year was the LEONARDO DiCAPRIO con-artist caper Catch Me If You Can, which was released on video in May 2003 and generated rental revenues of $75.5million (GBP44.4 million). Mel Gibson's crop circle mystery SIGNS ranked third with rentals totalling more than $74.9 million (GBP44 million) since its video release in January 2003.

Sweet Home Alabama and My Big Fat Greek Wedding rounded out the top five with $74.8 million (GBP44 million) and $74.2 million (GBP43.6 million) respectively.

09/01/2004 09:29