The Bourne Ultimatum has held on to its top spot at the UK box office for the third week running, keeping comedy Knocked Up in second place.

Starring Matt Damon as the eponymous Jason Bourne, the third and final movie adaptation of Robert Ludlum's novels has so far made £18 million in Britain alone.

In the film Damon's Bourne vows to confront his former CIA paymasters to discover his true identity, all the while fending off waves of assassins sent to silence him forever.

Just behind Bourne in the UK movie stakes is American comedy Knocked Up, starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl as a mismatched couple forced to make some life-changing decisions after a one-night stand goes wrong.

The highest new entry in the top ten according to Screen International is supernatural thriller 1408.

Adapted from a Stephen King short story, John Cusack stars as the paranormal investigator spending a night in a possessed hotel room.

Elsewhere in the charts, summer blockbusters The Simpsons Movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Transformers cling on to their top ten places.

Top ten films at UK box office (weekly takings)

1 The Bourne Ultimatum (£2.23 million)
2 Knocked Up (£1.43 million)
3 1408 (£1.07 million)
4 The Simpsons Movie (£0.62 million)
5 Rush Hour 3 (£0.56 million)
6 No Reservations (£0.41 million)
7 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (£0.39 million)
8 Transformers (£0.32 million)
9 Bratz: The Movie (£0.32 million)
10 Death Sentence (£0.26 million)

04/09/2007 19:16:17