American musician Matt Costa is offering a reward to help catch the thieves who stole $25,000 (GBP12,500) worth of equipment The singer/songwriter lost instruments and equipment - including five guitars - during the burglary at a theatre in Winnipeg, Canada on Saturday night (16Feb08). Costa's manager Chris Fenn says, "Whomever did it clearly knew a bit about our gear and seemingly knew a bit about our set-up and what we roll with, instrument-wise. They cherry-picked it. "The problem is a lot of that stuff is actually irreplaceable. You know, there's some stuff there from 1953, and it's… we won't be able to find (them) again." Fenn claims Costa was advised to leave the instruments in the locked theatre overnight because it would be a safer option. Costa and his band played in Minnesota using borrowed instruments on Monday night (18Feb08).