Pigeon Detectives took a career break to play golf.

The group are preparing to return to the studio to work on their third album after taking a six-month hiatus after promoting last LP 'Emergency', which was released just a year after their debut record 'Wait For Me'.

Explaining their absence, singer Matt Bowman said: "We've taken the time off to just chill out and remember what it's like not to live on a tour bus. Played a bit of golf, caught up with all our old mates.

"We just worked our socks off for two or three years so Christmas time last year we decided to give ourselves a break and enjoy a bit of time at home with our families.

"I've just brought a dog, he's called Harry. He's a beagle. He's a very naughty boy, he's a good dog."

The five-piece have started demoing the new album, with Matt saying they are "chomping at the bit" to get started on what they promise will be a "bit different" to their previous releases.

The singer added to BBC Newsbeat: "We're trying to write as many as we can so that we've got a bit of catalogue to choose from when we actually want to record.

"I wouldn't say it's anything abstract or anything but it's taking a little bit of a different shape to what we've really done in the past. We always tend to, when we're writing a record, revert back to our musical origins. The Beatles, New York guitar bands, Led Zeppelin.

"You kind of immerse yourself in things that got you into music in the first place."