Actor Matt Bomer turned to his Magic Mike co-star Matthew Mcconaughey for advice on how to shed the pounds as he prepared to portray an Aids victim in a Tv film adaptation of The Normal Heart.

The gay star reveals MCConaughey was happy to share how he slimmed down for his Oscar-winning role as an Hiv sufferer in Dallas Buyers Club, but he ended up using another technique to lose weight.

Bomer tells Details magazine, "He called me and walked me through what he did. It was very generous, but I took a slightly different path."

Instead, the actor worked with doctors to ensure his 14-day diet of water, juice and tea didn't cause too much harm to his health as he repeated the cleanse throughout the three months he spent preparing for the film, and he ended up more than 35 pounds (15 kilograms) lighter.

He says, "I stopped weighing myself after losing 35 pounds. I thought the number wasn't the important thing to focus on. This wasn't (weightloss reality show) Biggest Loser."