Muse want to start a revolution in the UK.

The operatic rockers want their latest album 'The Resistance' to shock people into action and spark non-violent protests in their home country.

Frontman Matt Bellamy got the idea after watching protesters demonstrate at the G-20 Summit - a meeting of the leaders of the world's top 20 global economies.

He said: "I've got a home in the centre of London which is right near all the embassies and I notice protests on a regular basis.

"During the G-20 protests, the UK got closer to really making a dramatic change, a non-violent revolution.

"I think the UK needs one and I hope it hasn't died down. Hopefully, we can flame it up again."

The outspoken rocker has also railed against the political system in the UK branding it one of the "weakest democracies" in the developed world.

Matt, 31, added: "You can hear the general feeling that we've been let down again by big institutions which are supposed to be in positions of trust.

"Politicians, obviously, and bankers. The UK is quite behind the curve compared to America and most of Europe. We have one of the weakest democracies. I'm sure it could all be sorted out in a way which that's fairer for everyone."