Matt Bellamy wanted to be a classical musician.

The Muse frontman - who plays piano and guitar on stage with the group - always dreamed of pursuing a music career, but never expected to get into rock.

He admitted: ''When I was younger, my dream was always to be in music, but I didn't have any dream to be a rock star.

''I wanted to be in a classical band or a jazz band.

''So when I started, I wanted to learn the jazz piano, or maybe the clarinet.''

Matt eventually opted for rock because it gave him the best chance of travelling the world with his friends.

Although he has opted for a less highbrow musical form, the 'Madness' singer does not underestimate the power of rock music and has previously said he thinks it has the potential to help spark a revolution.

When asked if a rock band could change things politically, he said: ''I think nowadays probably more so. We do a song like [2009 single] 'Uprising' and a year later there's news about global uprisings everywhere.

''There's no connection obviously, but it's happening. Whether it's directly caused by music or not remains to be seen.''