Matt Bellamy says his family has put his life into ''perspective''.

The Muse rocker - who has 22-month-old son Bingham with girlfriend Kate Hudson - has revealed the band has had to become more sensible because of the ''healthy'' effect of having a child.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''You have to put others before you - especially when you have kids. You focus on the needs of a child being in front of your own, and that's an amazing experience.

''When you're flitting about all over the world you can get caught up a bit in your own needs and wants.

''But as soon as there is someone else there, it puts it into perspective. It's a really healthy thing. Family life is all about love.''

The 24-year-old musician revealed Katie's love for ''travelling'' makes things easier and explained he and the actress both make time to visit the other while they work.

He said: ''I think I am very lucky because my partner, my girlfriend - she loves travelling. She was raised in a family where there was a lot of travelling and upheaval going on all the time.

''She is really open to us being on the road and because of that we haven't really been apart for anything more than a week since our baby was born.

''A lot of the time, if she is working, I will go to where she is - and it works both ways. She comes to see us all the time. You balance a little bit, especially with two working people.''