Rocker Matt Bellamy regrets researching conspiracy theories for Muse's new album - because he let the wacky speculation take over his life.
The frontman investigated stories about the end of the world as inspiration for the group's upcoming release The Resistance - and was so convinced by one theory he panicked and began stocking up on supplies in case of an apocalypse.
Bellamy rushed out to his local grocery store and bought all 50 cans of beans on the shelf, before investing in an axe from a hardware shop.
He tells Q magazine, "I read somewhere a seven-day blockade and the U.K. would run out of oil. Another seven days and we'd run out of food. That's why I bought the beans. The axe would chop firewood."
His psychologist girlfriend Gaia Polloni tried to calm him down - but there was no stopping Bellamy's paranoia.
He adds, "She's (Polloni) Italian. They've seen it all there. The Roman Empire came and went. She's more laid back about history and politics.
"But to me it all feels so tenuous sometimes, especially in the U.K. We are an island and are vulnerable."