Jewish reggae star Matisyahu broke down into tears after shaving off his trademark beard last year (11).
The King Without a Crown rapper began growing his bushy facial hair in 2001 as part of his Hasidic faith, but last December (11) he experienced a "rebirth" when he headed to the barber for a new look, later debuting his transformation on
The 33 year old is now loving his fresh face, but admits he grew emotional in the heat of the moment.
He tells, "(Hair salon) Supercuts was calling my name. I couldn't turn it down. It was like $9.99 for a shave. (The stylist) didn't know what she was getting into. I was like, 'I want it off' and she's like, 'How short?' and I'm like, 'No, all of it.'
"At some point, she could see as she was shaving that my eyes were watering up. She could see something was going on and I was like, '10 years, a decade.' I started growing this beard in 2001. And then she started kind of crying a little bit."