QUANTUM OF SOLACE villain Mathieu Amalric has no interest in winning movie awards as an actor - because he always wanted to be a film director, and still does.
The enigmatic French star admits he stumbled into acting a decade ago and still considers it a joke that he has won three Cesar Awards - his homeland's equivalent of the Oscars.
He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Me, a guy who never thought of being an actor, I have three. It's stupid.
"The real me is a director. In April (09), I'm going to stop acting and direct another film."
Amalric, who plays Bond baddie Dominic Greene in the hit new movie, reveals he was on his way to becoming a top filmmaker when pal Arnaud Desplechin cast him in his 1997 film My Sex Life.
Desplechin has since cast the reluctant star in his latest movie A Christmas Tale.
Amalric adds, "He invented me."