Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas is hoping to secure an appearance from Carlos Santana when his band's current tour hits America's West Coast in November (03).

The rockers are on the final North American section of their 2003 world tour and Thomas is hopeful that his pal and sometimes collaborator Santana will come on board for a stage performance.

He says, "It's been nice to share my relationship with Carlos with the band.

"I'm like a 16-year-old kid - when my manager tells me someone wants to work with me, I'll go, 'Hey, I'd like to hang out with this guy!' It's based on love of music and whether I think we'll have a good time."

Thomas collaborated with Mick Jagger on the current hit DISEASE and is looking forward to more work with hip-hop producer COREY ROONEY, enjoyed working with Willie Nelson and has done several songs with Enrique Iglesias.

He adds, "We'll see if they get on this record."

01/10/2003 01:52