Mastodon rocker BRANN DAILOR has dedicated the band's new album to his beloved sister, who committed suicide more than 20 years ago.
Crack The Skye, the group's fourth studio recording, is a direct reference to Dailor's sibling Skye - and he reveals many of the lyrics were inspired by his emotions in the aftermath of the tragedy.
He tells Metal Hammer magazine, "My sister Skye's suicide is something I've been dealing with for 20 years. I wanted to lift her up and put her name out there forever. It was the most deeply emotional moment of my life, and always with suicide there's a lot of guilt that comes with it.
"The whole story is my metaphor for if I'd been able to come in and pick her up and save her from that situation, so yeah, it's a sad thing but I don't want it to be this pity party for me.
"Everybody experiences loss. At some point in your life you will lose someone near and dear to you and I'm lucky enough to have some kind of artistic platform to immortalise it, to have some kind of tribute. We owe it as artists to come from the deepest place possible; that's art."