Hip-hop mogul Master P has vowed to grant his estranged wife's demands for a huge $67 million (£41.8 million) chunk of his fortune as long as she kicks an alleged drug habit which is threatening to pull their family apart.

The star, who turned 44 on Tuesday (29Apr14), has been separated from Sonya Miller for some time, but she only filed for divorce to end their 24-year marriage in October (13), sparking a custody battle over their minor children.

She filed new divorce papers last month (Apr14), insisting she should be entitled to a large portion of the couple's assets, including eight of their 31 properties and several luxury cars.

Master P claims he is more than happy to give Miller what she wants, but he insists she has to get sober first. He stops short of going into specific details about the struggles his ex is allegedly facing, but suggests it all stems from a substance abuse problem.

He tells Tmz.com, "I ain't (sic) been with her in seven years, but I love my family (and) that's my kids' mother...

"One thing I wanna say is drugs is really killing a lot of families and I'm not gonna let it destroy my family... We're good... but my whole thing is, she can have it all if she gets herself together; it's about her kids, it's about this family...

"Drugs destroys families, I'm gonna fight for it and whatever I can do for her, I'm gonna (sic) do it. If she needs to go get help or whatever, I'm gonna help her do it...

"I just wanna (sic) see her get it together... That's it... I'mma (sic) keep praying for her and I'mma keep doing what I need to do."

And the Make 'Em Say Uhh! hitmaker, real name Percy Miller, insists he would love nothing more than to share custody of their three minor children after they opted to leave their mother's home and live with him: "I hope that she can get it together and take care of my kids. I got a million things to do, but I gotta play daddy and mummy right now."

But Sonya is adamant the drug accusations are false and claims the rapper has brainwashed their children.

She says: "When I filed (for) divorce, that's when he came and took my kids... I was the one dealing with and raising those seven kids when he was running the streets."

A custody hearing is set for July (14).