Rapper Master P is planning to recreate The Matrix for kids - and he'll take on Laurence Fishburne's character MORPHEUS.

The rapper, real name PERCY MILLER, is developing new movie THE FUSION, which he insists will be a more children-friendly version of the blockbuster.

He says, "I'm like the wise man. I'm gonna take this to another level, even though Fishburne is the man. I'm gonna take a little of his work, and take it to the next level.

"It's gonna be high-tech - a lot of action and you're gonna see us get our karate on for real."

Miller hopes to land his son Lil' Romeo in the NEO role, which was played on screen by Keanu Reeves. It will be the fourth time father and son have worked together on a TV/film project.

Meanwhile, the enterprising rapper, who also runs his own P MILLER clothing firm, is planning to launch a new watch line, called MASTER PIECE, later this year (04).

22/07/2004 21:22