Rapper Master P has questioned Kanye West's controversial Hurricane Katrina telethon comments, because he fears the JESUS WALKS hitmaker was merely hyping his new album.

New Orleans, Louisiana, native Master P - real name PERCY MILLER - has lost family in the disaster and urges celebrities making passionate speeches about the tragedy to be sincere, because it's the wrong time to promote albums and movies.

West shocked America last week (02SEP05) when he used a live telethon to attack President George W Bush and call him a racist for failing to react quickly to help stranded African-Americans in the worst hit areas.

And Master P only hopes West meant what he said: "I hope the comments that Kanye West made is sincere and this is not a promotional thing to sell records... I know he's got a new album out right now."

Miller accepts West has a right to speak his mind, but he wants Americans to come together to help the hurricane victims and not pick racial fights.

He adds, "We gotta save people. We need George Bush, we need the Mayor (of New Orleans), we need the (Louisiana) Governor. I've lost people, I know how real it is. This ain't about a promotional thing with me. I've got loved ones out there missing."