Hip-hop legend Master P was convinced PUNK'D star Ashton Kutcher was trying to prank him last week (25Apr13) when a group of dancers surprised him with a birthday 'flashmob' while he was having lunch at a California restaurant.

The rapper turned 46 on Monday (29Apr13), but friends and relatives had decided to treat him to a special dance routine to the sounds of Psy's viral smash Gangnam Style a few days early, and hired a crew to carry out the task at his table during a quiet meal with his son, rapper/actor Romeo, in Santa Monica.

The move backfired and Master P, real name Percy Miller, Sr., stormed out of the eatery, and now he's trying to explain the reason for his abrupt exit.

His son tells Tmz.com that Kutcher has been trying to set his father up for his MTV practical joke show Punk'd for years and they were convinced the comedian had finally got him when the 'flashmob' occurred right by their table.

Romeo explains, "Ashton Kutcher's been trying to get me to get him Punk'd since 2008 and it's one of those situations, we thought we was just having a little meeting... and it caught us off guard. If somebody had told me..."

Master P has reached out to the loved ones who organised the surprise to apologise for his behaviour, and insists he truly appreciates the effort they had put into the stunt.

He says, "I know it took a lot of people to do that, I love y'all for that but... I don't really like surprises because you don't really know. I just wanna thank everybody who put that together, that's really love, nobody ever did that for me before."

Master P celebrated his birthday with dinner at Mr. Chow restaurant on Tuesday (30Apr13) and was treated to a big cake, made in the shape of a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage.