British actor PAUL BETTANY still questions reality every time he wakes up next to his wife JENNIFER CONNELLY - because the actress was his teenage fantasy.

The Master And Commander: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD star first fell for Connelly when she starred in 1986 film LABYRINTH - and he remains amazed the pretty young girl in the DAVID BOWIE-starring picture would ultimately become his life partner.

He confides, "I remember seeing Labyrinth and thinking, 'She's alright, that Jennifer Connelly woman. I'll never be with somebody like that.' Of course, I didn't tell her that when I met her on the set of A BEAUTIFUL MIND.

"I just tried to look very cool, dashing and sexy. I'm not sure it worked, though. I think she sort of took pity on me more than anything. But I did tell her eventually. I buckled."

07/09/2004 08:47